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Chapter 7: Treasures & Magic

Unlike other games, the Magic in this game is limited to Items. The adventurers themselves are limited to brutal Melee Combat since Missile Weapons have apparently not been invented here.

Different types of Magical Items exist but all have to be found as Treasure in a fight.

Finding Magic Items is not easy. Probably one in 200 or 500 items you find is magical!

So, most treasure are normal, non-magic items, the most sensible thing to do is sell them off for Gold to pay your training with. The same goes for the gems, Amethysts, Rubies, Saphires and Diamonds may be quite beautiful, but since the exiling of all female beings in the Adventures Fame area there isn't much use in keeping them: so sell the lot!

If you be lucky, you do find magic items there are a lot of differences.

First in Type: there are Weapons(Blade, Mace, Staff, Axe or War Gloves) that are magical, but also Armour(Leather, Chain or Plate, Helmet, Boots). But there are plenty of others too: Rings, Earrings, Belts, Amulets or Necklaces.

Secondly, the effects of these items differ:there are the normal Magic Weapons(eg Magic Staff), that have some decent effects. But the Claw and Pirate Items are a lot more powerful(eg the Staff of the Claw). Items of Accuracy increase your offence, while Protection is for defence. A Staff Master's Earring is good for your staff skill and a Magic Helmet has only better defence values than normal helmets.

Plenty of differences and plenty of names... there is lots to find and lots to have. But one day, you will have the dilemma of chosing: this ring or that ring, that Blade or this nice Axe. Until that day, you will have to keep your eyes open and rejoice whenever you find something uncommon!