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Chapter 3: What to do now?


After equipping and training your character in the safety of the town of Adventures Fame, it is time to do your first exploring. This is quite easily done by clicking the .Explore. link on the left hand side of the screen. Exploring costs one energy. A lot of things may happen now: you may find gold, be attacked, have the choice to attack a creature or not, come accross a friendly creature, find a path or find nothing at all.

Finding gold is clear, you pick it up and stuff it in your pocket. Finding a path will allow you to travel to the location the path leads too. This can be done at a cost of 5 energy and you can only travel to locations found a path to from the location you are now(ie when you find a path from Town1 to Town2 and Town3, then travel to Town2 there will not be an option to travel to Town3 from Town2).

Finding nothing is obvious, nothing is nothing.

Friendly creatures can not be attacked and offer you things to eat and drink. These things may have effects or they may not. Effects may be positive or negative. It is absolutely random so eating and drinking the stuff is at your own risk. The most common effect is a increase of decrease of your current energy, but also skills may be affected.

When you are attacked you have to defend yourself against the creature that tries to kill you. When you see a creature that hasn't seen you yet, you have the choice to attack or to flee(only for cowards or people that don't want to die). As you are attacked or attack a combat will happen until one of both sides is killed.

Resting - Healing - Inns

If you survive you will probably have lost hit points. Fighting without recovering sounds like a bad idea. Indeed, that's why we have Inns, Healers and choice to Rest yourself. Resting costs one energy and if you succeed in resting your hp will increase with about 20% of your max hp. But sometimes, you may be supriced by creatures that try to get you when resting. Needless to say, there is no resting and you will have to fight once more. However, this only happens at the harder locations. The Town of Adventures Fame and the Twin Cities are safe. Sometimes you'll be in a location with a healer. Here you can be healed by a professional, he'll ask you some gold for it and it will cost you one energy of going there. If you have enough gold and want to save on energy this is sometimes the best idea. If you have explored and fought enough for the day and feel a bit exhausted it is time to visit the Inn. However, you will have to stay there until the new day has begun. If you do not, your gold has been wasted.

There are four types of Inns: Mediocre, Average, Good and Luxury Inn. The more expensive, the better: thus the more hp and energy you'll regain. This regain is procentual: hence, the higher your Max HP en Max Energy skills, the more profitable it will be to stay at more expensive Inns.


Every fight is done in the same way: rounds of combat until one of the two sides dies(or, in the Gladiator Combat, till only one side remains standing).

Before the fight starts you'll notice a bit of information on both sides. You'll see Hit Chance, Max Damage and Hp's. Hit Chance is based on your weapon skill and your offence, and will vary according to the opponents you face. Max Damage is based your wielded weapon's max damage. As it is with your opponent. This will not change as opponents differ, only change if you switch weapons or train offence. Hp's is the current amount of hp's you have and your opponent has. You'll also see listed with your opponent, his weapon type. This is also important since your defence will be based on your opponent's weapon type.

Now the fight starts, in each round both sides have one hitting attempt. You may hit, or you may miss. The higher, the hit chance, the more hits and the less misses ofcourse. The damage you deal will vary. The effective Maximum Damage is in reality not the same as your weapon's damage. Since a good fighter can do more with his weapon than a less fighter, your offence will also increase your max damage, allowing you to hit harder.

When one of the two sides has no more hp's he has to use any potions he has. If there are no potions of healing left, he'll die thus giving his opponent the victory. If both sides die in the same round, none of them wins.

After a fight you will receive experience points, fame and possibly loot.

Experience points are based on the difficulty of your opponent and the difficulty of the fight. The harder, the better ofcourse. Getting hit harder means you'll get more experience, but you have to rest more often in such a case.

Fame is always the same: 1 point for every kill, -10 for every death.

Loot may be gold or items. Gold varies, but mostly harder monsters have more gold with them. The same goes for items, harder monsters normally have better items. But know that Magical Items are not that often found.