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Chapter 1 : Creating a Character & Understanding the Interface

Creating a Character
After you have created your Plitgames Master account, you are able to create a character. Remember that you can have as many chars as you want. Donating members will as you know get a bonus of 10 energy and 50 gold every day. You give the character a name you like and find yourself in the small town of Adventures Fame, where, three times a week, the Gladiator Sports take place.

The Interface

After logging in you'll find yourself in the Show Character screen. On the left hand of the screen there is a list of options, when clicked most of them will give you another screen. On the right hand there is the game chat, you can talk about anything there that has to do with AF. At the top of the screen is a précis of where you are and your current status.

On the top left of the screen you'll see a few basic things: the character's name, hit points, energy and gold. On the right hand side of this top section it shows you how many Energy (AP's in the other plitgames) you have used. The game works on the expenditure of Energy, a new character will start with 20 energy. You receive new energy over time, a basic rate of 12 energy a day is received, an amount that can be enhanced by using different types of Inns. It is also possible to get bonus energy (no more than 20 a day) by voting for AF on various web links.

On the left hand side of the screen there are group of options:
ContactThis will tell you how to contact Peter, the Creator of this game. His account is Wolverine.
Bonus AP(Votes)Tells you how to receive more action points, up to 1000 a day by helping to promote the game. Using this option daily is strongly recommended, it lets you play the game for longer and also promotes the game on other web sites. Entries can be selected at varying frequency, several every six hours, so check this every so often.
Game StatusThis has information about the game itself, it includes the background history of the world. There is ongoing development work to expand this area by bringing the storyline more into the game.
IRC Web ChatThis is a link to a java chat area for all Peter's games, come in and chat, you may find Peter or one of the Moderators there if you need help.
ForumOpens a new window which displays to the forum area for all the games where you can post questions and read many enlightening posts by other forum members. For AF in particular there are three open areas, General, Design/Development/Bugs and Newbie.
Player PagesGives you a list of all pages made by players of the games. Normally these concern the games. It is possible to create a page of your own here detailing your characters.
Reload ChatThis useful when you want to read back the chat log of a previous day, or are waiting for a response from another player.

The following options are in-game features that may vary following your location. Sometimes some of these options will not be there.
ExploreWhen clicking this your character will use 1 energy for exploring. He may come accross different types of encounters or he may see absolutely nothing.
TravelMenu needed for travelling between locations.
HealerClicking this brings you to the Healer's house.
ShopsPlace where you can buy and sell different items like weapons, armour and potions.
InnLet's you decide to stay a night in one of the four different Inns.
RestSelect this when you wish to let your character rest.
Train SelfOpens a menu where you can spend skill points on improving your skills.
Buy TrainingHere you can spent skill points and gold in advanced training.
Show CharGives you information about your character.
Gladiator SportsBrings you to a menu where you can view the most recent gladiator sports.
Player ListGives you a ranking of all the chars based on fame.

The last 6 options are more administrative.
Add Player PageLets you create a html-page on the server. Of course this page should be about the game (a manual, an introduction to your party, an alliance page,...).
DonationsGives you information about donating and the advantages you get.
SponsorsTells you something about the sponsors.
LogoutWill bring you to your Master Account menu,
Main MenuWill get you at the main menu.
Conduct & PrivacyTells you about the rules of conduct in the gaming environment.

The Show Char Screen

This will show you three different fields of information sorted from up to down. At first you'll have a frame with a lot of info on your char:
CharThe name of the Char and his ID
AreaThe (larger) area where the Char currently is
LocationWhat the char is doing in the Area: eg: Luxury Inn he is resting at the Inn;
Exploringhe is walking around looking for new things
CreatedThe .birthday. of the char...not really important.
FameTotal Fame specified in a certain amount. Fame is gained by killing creatures and participating in Gladiator Sports.
Skill PointsTotal amount of skill points the char can spend on improving himself. Skill points are gained by leveling up.
ExperienceExperience gained since the char's last leveling up. Experience is gained by killing creatures and participating in Gladiator Sports.
LevelThe Char's current level. Leveling up happens when the char reaches an amount of experience specific for each level. When the char levels up, he will receive an amount of new skill points and the experience will be reset to 0.
GoldThe current number of Gold the char has. Gold can be found exploring.
Total KillsTotal number of creatures that the char has sent to Hades.
Total DeadsTotal number of times that the char was sent to Hades (and came back).
Total Energy UsedTotal amount energy the char used since he was created.
OffenceChar's Offence skill, not enhanced by items.
DefenceChar's Defence skill, not enhanced by items.
Max EnergyMaximum amount of energy char gets daily without bonus ap's and without ap's from donating. Also not enhanced by items.
Current EnergyTotal amount of energy the char has left to use.
Max HpThe Char's maximum amount of hit points. Not enhanced by items.
Current HpThe current amount of hit points. Going under 1 means finding death.
AxeChar's Axe skill, not enhanced by items.
BladeChar's Blade skill, not enhanced by items.
MaceChar's Mace skill, not enhanced by items.
StaffChar's Staff skill, not enhanced by items.
UnarmedChar's Unarmed skill, not enhanced by items.

The second part of the screen will be a list of all items, magical or not, that your char currently has. You will see how many of each he has, whether they are equiped or not, and here you are able to equip or unequip them. You'll also see some information about the items. Most items enhance some of your skills, and you will see it here. Others will have a damage stat and may read what skill the char uses when he wields them. Finally, you will probably see a value for each item too. Note that this their market value is only half of this .official. value.

In the third part of the screen you will see your effective offence and your effective defence for the five weapon types. Note that it's quite smart to wield a weapon of the weapon type with the highest effective offence. However, we will explain more about these later.