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Chapter 6: Locations & Creatures

Adventures Fame

The Town of Adventures Fame is the starting place of every adventurer. Basic equipment is sold here, and the easiest creatures are up to be killed. In addition, the Gladiator Sports Arena is here. However, you don't have to be near the GS Arena to participate in the Sports.

Paths to the Twin Cities can be found here. In AF there are Dogs, War Dogs, Wolves, Minor Kobolds, Minor Goblins, Minor Orcs, Lions and Tigers.

Western Twin & Eastern Twin

These two small cities are still fairly friendly. They have more advanced equipment for sale and a bit harder creatures than Adventures Fame.

Frome here you will be able to find trails to other, harder and more unfriendly locations.

Apart of the AF creatures you'll also come accross Bears and Boars.

Kobold Lair

This place is densily populated with Kobolds, Kobold Chiefs, Kobold Warriors and some of their pets like War Dogs and War Wolves. Resting here is almost impossible, and there is action in like every part of this area.

Bandit Camp

Bandits, Pirates, Sailors and Captains dwell in here. When they see honest and good-looking people(like you) they try robbing and killing you. No need to say that you will be busy fighting criminal types here. Here too, resting may be kind of a problem.

Hilltop Inn

With harder creatures than the Kobold Lair and the Bandit Camp, the Hilltop is quite a popular place amongst more experienced adventurers. Hill Giants, Ogres, Trolls, Orc Warriors, Mountain Lions and Mountain Tigers dwell, sneak and rush around the Inn. This is also one of those places where one can hire instructors to do more advanced training. The Inn itself is often overbooked with adventurers...

Harbor Town

Even more criminal types than in the Bandit Camp live here, this is the other location where one can buy training.

Mountain's Foot

Those people who think life at the Hilltop boring should have a look around here. Some of the same creatures live here, but often tougher and other foes as well: the Irate Mountain Hermit may be a bit funny when you first slaughter a dozen of them but one Cyclops will probably be enough. Have a look at the Orc War Parties too, but wait a while till you go meet them on the battlefield...