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Chapter 4: Improving your character


One of the goals for many characters is to improve their skills. Training As said before, training occurs with skill points. Skill points are received when the char levels up. You can always train yourself but later in the game it is wise to buy training. There are a few locations where you can do this, and here you give gold with your training and this way you only have to use a third of the skill points you would need when training self. (in other words: with enough gold, buying training will let you get three times more training than training self)

To do well in the game, training all skills is important. Increasing Max Energy will let you do more, thus speeding up the game for your char, while training Max Hp gives you the chance to get hurt more and thus last longer in for example the gladiator sports. The weapon skills are essential, especially for your defence while Defence itself must also be trained. Offence is maybe the least popular skill, since training your weapon will already make you stronger when attacking. Don't forget however that Offence increases your effective max damage and that it may prove very useful to be able to kill some opponents quicker in order to receive less damage and last longer.

Energy, what to do with it and how to get more

Energy (sometimes described as Action Points (AP's)) is the currency you do everything with in AF. Exploring costs ap's, travelling does, resting does in fact virtually everything does except viewing yourself, equipping and shopping.

Sometimes you will run out of energy, however don't despair. There are several ways to get more of them.

You can become a paying party by paying the subscription; you then receive 10 extra energy every day and also 50 gold. These effects work for all chars, also know that paying gives you advantages in other games at

The quick fix is to select the Bonus AP(Votes) option from the menu, this enables you to increase your energy by up to 50 every day, a significant gain.

Finally if already used your bonus AP's then you have to wait, you will receive energy when the new day has started. Come back tomorrow and you can use those energy and another lot of bonus ones.

Magic Items - Potions

On your adventures you may come accross magic items. Magic items enhance some of your skills. So using them instead of non-magical ones is often a good idea. These items may often be a decent or even excellent improvement of your character.

Potions can be found or bought. Minor Healing helps you regain Hit Points when you go under 1 Hp while Minor Energy regains some energy for you. Later in the game, when fighting more risky creatures, buying dozens of potions is an absolute must.