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Chapter 2: Equipping your party and Initial Training

Show Char

Item Management

When you want to venture out into the wild world you'll have to equip your char well.

Equipping/Unequipping Items: you can equip one melee weapon, one armour, one helm and one pair of shoes/boots. You can also equip any magic items that are not weapons (rings, necklaces, belts etc) up to their limit.


There are five types of Melee Combat skills and four classes of Melee Weapons. How can this be, you'll ask. I'll explain you.
UnarmedQuite clear, your character has no weapon equipped, so he'll try to kill with his bare hands. Fighting like this will ofcourse use your unarmed skill. Only non-magical weapon of this type are War Gloves.
BladeDagger, Short Sword, Long Sword and 2-Hand Sword (the later, the more damage inflicted). These weapons rely on the Blade skill.
AxeHand Axe and Battle Axe are the two non-magical axe-type weapons.
BluntMace, War Hammer and Battle Mace. These three are the weapons that use the Mace skill.
StaffShort Staff and Quarter Staff: weapons of the staff-type.

Note that this game has no missile weapons or shields.
Furthermore, most of the above types have several magical variants which often have more power than their non-magical cousins.

Leather ArmourLeather Vest, Leather Jacket andLeather Suit. Leather is the lightest armour in two ways: it weighs almost nothing but it is not very protective either.
Chain ArmourChain Mail, Chain Suit and Full Chain: This is the armour in between.
Plate ArmourPlate Mail, Plate Suit and Full Plate: The heaviest and the strongest.

Note that some chain armour has lower defence value than some leather armour, and some plate has lower def value than some chain. Wisest at all time is to equip the armour(and the boots and helmet) with the highest defence value.

Shoes and Boots
Shoes and Boots are equipment to protect the feet.
There are: Leather Shoes, Leather Boots, Hard Leather Boots and Plate Boots

Helmets are equipment to protect the head.
The non-magical helmets: Leather Helmet, Chain Coif, Plate Helmet and Full Plate Helmet.

Starting equipment

When the char has been created, you should go to the shops and buy one item of each defence type. Best is to take at all times the one with the highest defence value. Then you should choose a weapon type to start with and buy a weapon of that type.

After you clicked Shops you will find yourself in a screen with two different options: selling items you have, or buying items from the shopkeeper. Buying and selling is easily done by clicking do it since the market price is already set. Know that you buy items for double the price you can sell a similar item.

In the Town of Adventures Fame there are not many different items available but know that lots of better items are waiting for you in other and darker places.

For the starting weapon you can choose any of the 5 but note that the .best. weapon available are the War Gloves with a damage of 8 so chosing this and then training unarmed could be a good pick. It can be informative to know that the .best. non-magical weapon available is the 2-h sword with a damage of 10. Selecting to train blade and buy a blade weapon can be good too. Only drawback is that there are only daggers available early on and that is the .worst. weapon with a damage of 4.

In concluding we can say that any weapon will probably a good pick, all you need is training. If you keep playing you'll probably come accross a magic weapon once and then ofcourse equip that one and train that weapon skill.

Initial Training

After his creation, the char will have a small amount of skill points available. But, since your char is quite .weak., he doesn't need big amounts of skill points to increase. Click Train Self and find yourself in the Train Self Menu.

You will notice that you can train 9 different skills. You will see your current skill level in each level and the skill point and gold point cost of increasing each skill with one level. Note that when training self there will never be a gold cost.

Now, what about the skills. Maximum Hp is pretty clear, your hitpoints are your health, having a lot of them is good ofcourse. Training this a bit every now and then should do fine as you increase.

Maximum energy is a bit less clear, yet this skill will determine how much energy you gain every day. As you increase your maximum energy, your energy gain daily from inns will increase. A good reason to increase too as having more energy means more action you can do and thus more gold, fame and experience you can gather. However, as you will not frequent the better Inns a lot early on, skill points may be better invested elsewhere in the beginning.

Weapon Skills: Blade, Axe, Mace, Staff and Unarmed. These are the skills you have with each of the weapons. You learn how to fight with them, you learn how to fight against them. These skills are determining in combat for both your attack and your defence.

Offence and Defence. The names are probably clear but what they exactly do is not very easily understood. Your effective defence in a weapon type are the defensive skills you have mastered when fighting a foe armed with a weapon of the weapon class. Your effective offence is then your offensive qualities with the specific weapon type. Now, Effective offence is the sum of the weapon skill and the offence skill. Effective Defence is the lower of: weapon skill and defence skill. But: eff offence and eff defence value the hit chance of you and your foe in combat. The damage you do is based on the max damage of the weapon added to your offence skill divided by 10. The opponent's damage done to you is based on himself and his own max damage and offence skill.

I.m quite sure the above paragraph looks like a complete mess for someone new to the game. But don't worry you'll understand it when you have some experience yourself with the game.

In the beginning we advice to train Maximum Hp, every 5 of the weapon skills, focusing a bit more on the weapon skill of the weapon you wield and train defence to keep the lower of weapon skill and defence high enough.