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Section 0 : Introduction & Contents


Welcome to Adventures Fame; the web based role-playing game. AF is an open-ended game with a some nice features and options. This manual we hope will address many of the initial queries that people starting to play the game have and is intended to encourage people to play the game for longer and thereby enjoy the full features of AF.

AF allows you to control an adventurer in a similar way to many fantasy games and explore a world populated by creatures and beings both hostile and friendly. Powerful magic and much gold await the brave and expert characters but temporarlily death is also easily. In this manual we hope to give a little information for everyone. It is especially aimed at new players, but even those who have been playing a while might learn something.

If you have already been playing AF for a while and think that there is something missing or that you can add something to the Manual. Please feel free to contact us with your ideas. The Forums are another place where you can post your opinions about the game.


Section 0: Introduction and Contents

Section I: Getting Started
1. Creating a character & Understanding the interface
2. Equipping your character
3. What do I do now?
4. Improving your character
5. Gladiator Sports

Section II: References

6. Locations & Creatures
7. Treasures & Magic
8. Credits / Contact Details