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Chapter 5: Gladiator Sports

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12.45 server time.

All characters that have been active in the last 48 hours before the Sports.

Those characters who where active are divided in groups of 30 following there levels and ID's. (the 30 highest leveled chars are in the first round, the next 30 in the second, and so on; if two chars have the same level, the one with the lower ID is seen as older and will precede the other)

It's a massive fight, everyone hits, everyone gets hit. The last man standing wins. If noone stands, noone wins.

In the Gladiator Sports a lot of Fame is distributed and a fairly good amount of xp. Winning makes you go home with about 250 fame. Which is the same as killing 250 creatures.

And remember, it's Fame that everyone is after!